Right Size Your Home and Life

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Feb 28,2019

Your Toronto Estate Professionals Discuss Lifestyle Choices


For most of us, our priorities and preferences keep changing and evolving over the course of our lifetime. At every life stage, you may feel differently about managing your health, honing your skills, owning possessions, setting roots, starting serious relationships or making financial commitments. While starting a new diet or workout, or enrolling for a new course may address your wellness or upskilling needs, other aspects may require deeper thinking and more life-altering decisions. However, it is never too late to pause and think about the changes you want to make, in order to bring yourself back on track. Right sizing your home and life may help you prioritize and give time to do the things that you value the most.


What Makes Right Sizing a Compelling Solution?

Right sizing is about taking stock of what you really need in both, your home and your life. There is no mantra for figuring out if you are ready to right size, or if right sizing is the best solution for you. However, here are some situations or priorities that may indicate that rightsizing is a compelling solution and worth considering for your needs.


Are you presently at a point in life, where you:

  • Feel Weighed Down by the Clutter? Over the years, you brought home several things that you needed for your growing family and have hoarded everything for a rainy day. Now you find there is stuff everywhere, and home cleaning and maintenance has become a burden and an unattractive chore.
  • Recently Became an Empty Nester? You feel your home is too large, ever since your children moved out. Besides the psychological impact of not seeing them scuttling around the house, you are also paying unnecessary expenses towards heating, cooling, taxes, cleaning, repairs and maintenance of the unutilized space.
  • Think You May Not be Able to Feed Your Travel Bug? You would like to travel, visit new places and explore new cultures, but your finances are tied down in your large, dream home’s mortgage payments. Not only has this created an inadequacy of funds for other pursuits, but you also worry about how to maintain your home if you are away for long periods of time.
  • Care About Your Carbon Footprint? You are conscious about your carbon footprint and are always looking for ways and means to reduce, reuse, recycle. The size, location or type of accommodation that you currently own is inhibiting you from your achieving your ideal consumption or green initiatives.
  • Lead an Active Away-from-Home Lifestyle? You lead a busy and hectic lifestyle. Your pursuit of a sport or hobby, or your social and community activities are such that you do not want to be chained down to managing your home.


These are just a handful of situations. There may be several others, where you may want to re-evaluate your living arrangements and adopt a lifestyle that truly aligns to your life goals and priorities.


Right Size Your Toronto Home with the Help of Experts

In recent years, the volatility in Toronto’s housing market and increasing interest rates have ensured that you will be taking care of your mortgage payments for the next several years. However, with the right-sized home, you will not only reduce the physical effort of managing excessive real estate, but also bring down the unnecessary financial burden and take on only as much as really needed. At Home & Condo Market Brokerage, we understand that buyers and sellers at different life stages may have varying needs and priorities. Our dedicated and knowledgeable agents are happy to address your specific requirements and help you find the right sized home in and around Toronto, or the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


When you are exploring the housing market in Etobicoke and around the GTA, rely on the experts at Home and Condo Brokerage. To schedule a consult with one of our agents, call us at 416-551-5020, or use our online form and we will get back to you soon.