Always about you.


This is the feedback that’s most commonly shared after completing a real estate transaction


This is our approach. If we say it, we genuinely believe it’s in your best interests.


This is a reflection of who we really are, not just as professionals, but people.

High level. Detailed. Focused.

The best companies make it look easy. ‘Make’ is where the work happens. In reality, real estate is a lot of moving parts. Sellers, buyers, developers, investors, pre-sale, re-sale, projections, the next hot neighbourhood. We promise to use our honesty, experience and diligence to connect you with a place you’re going to love.

what our
happy clients
are saying.


“Mary, Dodie and their team gave me a new perspective on my upcoming purchase. They pointed me the right direction so I made the decision that was right for me and my family. I can’t recommend them enough.”

- Andrew B
Caring Approach

“The brokerage is genuine in their caring approach when finding you the right new home, all the while exposing your existing home to the right buyer for the highest price. The team is authentic, knowledgeable and very welcoming.”

- Pauline M
Brilliant Strategies and
Exceptional Staff

“Exceptional staff who provide guidance, suggestions and impeccable research for comparison and value strategies. Their sales and marketing experience has permitted me the opportunity to be gainful in selling and acquire a property that I thought was beyond my reach!! ”

- Steffannee A.